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Your daily to-do list — R E I N V E N T E D.

Daily Attack Plan is the tool for reaching your goals.

Based on years of studying high performers in sports and business, Daily Attack Plan helps you live with purpose, build new habits, and cultivate a success mindset.

Your Daily Attack Plan consists of everything you need to become a goal-crusher.


Think big. Set your near-term or long-term goals. You'll revisit these goals on a daily basis and, just by doing so, you are 30% more likely to achieve them.


This isn't your average to-do list. You'll create a daily plan of action that consists of tasks essential to your goals. By repeatedly tracking and completing these actions, they'll become habits — which are key to success.


You'll stay committed and power through plateaus by using Daily Attack Plan's mindset tools. You'll use images to visualize your goals and remind you of your purpose. You'll exercise gratitude by posting one thing that you're thankful for on a daily basis. You'll also squash negative self-talk by adding powerful sayings that train your brain to think positively.


Delayed gratification is overhyped nowadays. What's rewarded, repeats. With Daily Attack Plan, you'll get rewarded for your wins. Win the day by completing all of your daily actions. Do this at least 7 times in a month and you'll be entered into our monthly sweepstakes for rewards like Amazon gift cards, Apple Watches, books, apparel, fitness gear, and more.

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