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Life isn't a playground.

It's a battleground.

And we've got the plan for your attack. Let's get to work.

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Benefits & Features

Create a Daily Attack Plan today and change your day.

Create a Daily Attack Plan everyday and change your life.

Daily Attack Plan is a proprietary platform that blends scientifically proven mindset and productivity tools into a daily regimen.

It helps you envision the future you, gain control of your day, and progress towards your desired goals or habits through structured, consistent action.

Visualize your future

Use the powerful, cognitive technique of visualization that is proven to increase both your performance and persistence.

Set your goals

Set specific goals and habits that you can't negotiate your way out of — because you're backing them up with daily actions.

Plan your actions

Set your daily actions that support your goal or habit. You can also set actions for future dates.

Empower your mind

Combat your negative inner voice with strong, positive affirmations attached to your daily actions.

Establish your rules

Structure is freedom. Protect your energy for what matters most by setting what you will and simply won't do on a daily basis.

Express your gratitude

Increase your social, emotional, and physical well-being by setting aside time to think about and appreciate the positive things in your life.

Score your attack

Receive your Daily Attack Plan score to see how your day measures up against previous days and others in the community.

Track your progress

See your recent attack scores, most worked goals, frequent broken rules, etc. to help you dial in your attack.

Risk-free, no credit card required

Sign up for free and create 7 Daily Attack Plans — no hassle, no credit-card required.

Your data is yours

Your data is stored safely and securely. We will never sell your data. That's just not us.

Simple Pricing

A life-changing platform at an affordable price. Our founding member pricing is available for a limited time only.

Sign up for free and create 7 Daily Attack Plans — no credit card required.

Self-Guided Plan


Use Daily Attack Plan® at your own pace with 24/7/365 e-mail support

  • Set visions, goals, and daily actions
  • Set daily rules, affirmations, and gratitudes
  • Access to your weekly and daily stats
  • Create unlimited Daily Attack Plans
  • Access past and pre-plan by creating future Daily Attack Plans
  • Free feature updates forever
  • Hassle-free cancellation policy
  • E-mail support for coaching (e.g. goal-setting, daily action strategies, etc.)
  • 24/7 tech support
Guided Plan


Receive one-on-one coaching from the Few Will Hunt Team as you use Daily Attack Plan®

  • Includes all Self-Guided Plan features
  • One-on-one call with the Few Will Hunt Team to get started
  • Text message the Few Will Hunt Team directly for coaching and help at any time

You're in good hands while working with us

Few Will Hunt built Daily Attack Plan® from the ground up in the USA to serve our community of over 50,000 members worldwide.

We built Daily Attack Plan® to help our community members actualize their full human potential, which furthers our company mission of restoring the dignity of hard work.

Joey Bowen, Co-founder of Few Will Hunt

Your company has given me a new look at life and tons of motivation. Your products are amazing and I can’t wait to purchase more. Thank you for saving me.

Luis E., from our Few Will Hunt company reviews | Read More

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Daily Attack Plan®

Attack your day.

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